The “thinking man’s” music maker is now also the “thinking man’s” artist.

Horace Panter (legendary bassist of The Specials) has launched a brand new Web site dedicated to his visual art:

A graduate of Coventry’s Lanchester Polytechnic in Fine Arts, Panter was studying art when he met fellow student, Jerry Dammers. Soon after, The Specials was born.

His love of music (touring with The Specials, General Public), allowed Panter to travel the world and to visit some of the greatest museums and galleries.

Art has always been a big part of his life, including teaching art at a special needs school in Coventry for ten years.

The “thinking man’s” music maker is now also the “thinking man’s” artist.

Reminiscent of primitive religious art, Panter creates iconographic images (alone or mashed up), asking the viewer to consider their “practical” purposes. How much do we trust in the power of saints and other interpreted images…to help us in our daily lives?

Check out the “Robots on the Beach” series – “The robots meet Henry Rousseauʼs jungle … at the beach. An art version of King Tubby meets the Rockers Uptown! All the different elements (robot, foliage and sea) seem to work together.”

Horace Panter’s influences are eclectic and are reflected in his work, from Henri Rousseau and Peter Blake to Mark Rothko. His post-war modern style is distinct through the mix of cheery brights and neutral palettes, painterly quality and mix of street and religious themes. We just like them because they look cool!

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